Stocks & Stilettos Stock Starter Kit

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Learn how to release your fear, minimize confusion and break down knowledge barriers that keep you from investing in what appears to be an overly complicated stock market. This complete home study kit will provide you with practical steps to help you build wealth through the power of investing.  The Stock Starter Kit was designed with you in mind.

The Stock Starter Kit includes:

  • The Stock Starter Toolkit - a workbook filled with easy-to-follow lessons, checklists and cheatsheets
  • Stock Starter Sound - an audio download to listen to as you make your way through each lesson
  • Investor Personality Quiz - take the quiz to find out your Investor Personality type
  • Automatic Account Chart - learn how to structure the funding of your investment accounts for autopilot
  • Quick Start Guide - jump start your steps to your first stock
  • Investing Tips - tips to keep your emotions in check to make your investing journey as smooth as possible